Best android games

Are you searching for the best android games so you are on the right place. Based on our experience we have listed some games which you may like and these may be the best android games.

#1 Clash of clans :

It is very popular game and widely played , with over 100 million downloads on Play store this game is continuously getting updates and it’s improving day by day.

clash of clans

#2 Rules of survival :

This is very addictive game with very awesome graphics, this is available for free in the play store.

rules of survival

#3 Bully:

This game is very much similar to the GTA and this game is very addictive and has very good graphics, but the sad part is this game is not free, this is not very costly but once you buy it you would love this game.


#4 Need for speed No limits:

I think this is the best racing game, this game is very addictive with very good cars, graphics and controls.This is available for free in the play store.

nfs no limits

#5 Bullet force :

This is a first person shooter game and it is very addictive, it has awesome graphics and a lot of customization.The more you play this game more you will be addicted of it.

bullet force


#6 Subway Surfers :

This game is good for kids. you just have to escape the policeman and earn coins.This game has over 500 million downloads on play store.

subway surfer

#7 Temple Run and Temple Run 2 :

Again this game is for kids or anyone can play this as an time pass. These games are not for a serious gamer.Here you just have to escape the monster and earn coins.

temple run

These are some games which are very popular, and in my opinion these are the best android games which are available on play store.

we will keep updating the list, because there are lot of games we haven’t played yet.


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