Best Android mobile apps

Are you searching for list of the best Android mobile apps, so this article is for you, we have listed some apps here and will keep updating the list as we find the best app for you :


It is one of the most entertaining site and app, it provides streaming media, video on demand and DVD by can watch whatever you want like movies, cartoon shows and all other stuff you want.


This is a full featured streaming service. With this application you can stream any music from any type of device, you can create your own playlist, also you can sync tracks for offline listening.

Bored button:

This is one of the best application that will never let you bore, there are plenty of games in this application with just a tap, it provides everything for free.


This is very popular puzzle  game with over 10 million downloads, you just open the app swipe the numbers and make a box equal to the 2048, remember one thing the no’s can be added only in pairs like if you are swiping 2 over 6 it won’t be added.

Clash of clans:

It is one of the most popular games with over 100 million downloads.This is a mobile strategy video game, here you Build your town, train your troops and attack on others town.This is one of the most entertaining games.

Google fit:

If you are a fitness lover then this app is for you it has some features like:

  1. A quick and simple way to get an idea of how much you have walked each day

2. The app also lets you know how you compare to other people in your area

So this is the list of some apps that are very entertaining, if we find something entertaining we will continuously add to the list .


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