how to make an android app

Sometimes an idea stuck in your mind and you google for it ‘how to create an android app’ , but there are complicated ways to do so, to create an android application you need to have a good programming knowledge and also you should have  knowledge of Android studio.There are many ways to create an android application some of them are-

1.Using Android studio

2.Using websites that help you to create your own app

#1 Android app using Android studio:

As we already explained to make an android app using android studio you must have a good knowledge of programming language like java, and also you should know how to use android studio.

So if you want to make a android app using Android studio you must have good knowledge of programming and also of Android studio.

#2 Android app Using websites:

This is the simplest way to develop your own Android app, here you need not to be expert in programming languages and also there is no need of Android studio to create your own app using  websites, so let’s see how you can create your own app using a website-

#1 : is an awesome drag-n-drop app building software, you can create an android app without any coding skills .

Let’s began how you can create your app using, first of all create your account to the site and then follow the steps given below-

1-open website using this link

2-Click on get started

3-You will get a page like this

4-Enter your app name and choose a category (for what purpose you are building an application)

5-After that click on next and it will ask for Facebook page name and then website name, if you have one enter names otherwise skip that step.


6-Then choose a design (design means how the application will look like in an android smartphone ).

7-Then select app pages(for ex- in about us page there will be details about you, and you have to enter all the information below ) and there is an other option for design customization where you can customize you app design, after all the above steps done click on save and continue.

This is how you can create you own android application with zero coding skills, this is very helpful site and if you own a website or a Facebook page you can create an application for that too.

This was all about how you can create an android application with no coding skills.

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