Oppo realme 1 review, is it worth buying

Oppo Realme 1 is a powerful budget range smartphone which comes with an AI processor Mediatek Helio p60. Here i am going to write a review of Oppo Realme 1.Lets have a glance at its specifications.

Oppo realme 1


#1 Processor:

Oppo Realme 1 comes with Mediatek Helio p60 which is a very powerful AI processor with lot of features as mentioned below:
1.It is a AI based processor
2.This processor is very power efficient
3.Has a dual 4G volte support
4.Better gaming experience

#2 camera:

Oppo Realme 1 employs a 13mp rear camera and 8 mp front camera.Both the front and the rear camera have awesome clearity and it may a good option for you if you want a good camera phone under 10,000.

#3 Face unlock:

As already mentioned the Mediatek is an AI based processor so face unlock works very fast in Oppo Realme 1.Face unlock works even in very low lighting but not in dark.It takes less than a second to unlock your smartphone.

#4 Gaming:

As Mediatek Helio p60  is very good processor with lot of features so it runs games very smoothly.My gaming experience was good with this smartphone.


1>Doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner
2>Doesn’t have EIS ( Electronic image stabilization)
3>Face unlock is not secure it works even if you close your eyes or partially cover  your face

4>Ram management in 3GB variant :

As i already mentioned Oppo uses colorOS, which is quite heavy and consumes lot of  RAM. So if you are going to buy the base variant then you wont be able to install much applications.I would recommend you to consider buying 4 or 6 GB variant.

One thing to be noted that both 4 and 6 GB variant has DDR4 RAM while 3GB variant has DDR3 RAM.

So this was my review for Reame 1. Undoubtedly it is an awesome smartphone at a low price.But I really missed the fingerprint scanner and also there are some problems with face unlock I hope Oppo will fix these bugs with an update.

Is it worth buying?

Yes, this is very powerful smartphone you can purchase this  without even thinking twice.