what is proximity sensor

You have often heard about proximity sensor,or you might have noticed something placed near the front camera, that is  proximity sensor, do you know what actually  proximity sensor is? why it is used in mobile devices and what are it’s different uses.If you don’t know about it read this article, after that you will be able to answer all the above questions.

#1 what is proximity sensor :

A proximity sensor is a sensor which is able to detect its nearby objects without any physical contact.
You might have noticed whenever you take calls and put it near to the ear, the screen automatically turns off, that’s because of proximity sensor, as it doesn’t require any physical l touch it just sense nearby object(it’s your ear during call ) and does its work.

#2 How proximity sensor works:

A Proximity sensor emits a beam of  electromagnetic radiation and looks for return signal or changes in the field , and when it finds its target it does its work.

What is a target:

A target is basically an object, which will be sensed by the proximity sensor.Or we can say ‘from where the signal emitted by proximity sensor returns’ is known as proximity sensors target.Different target demands different proximity sensor.

#3 use of proximity sensors :

1>proximity sensors are often used in mobile phones to avoid the accidental touchscreen taps when mobiles are held to the ear.

2> Parking sensors, mounted on car bumpers to alert the driver to obstacles while parking.

3>In paper machine.

4>Used to regulate the SAR (specific absorption rate) , SAR is a measure the rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed to a radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field.

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