Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 Specs leaked

Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 845 in late 2017 , and this chipset will be used in most of the flagship devices in 2018 .But there are lots of budget smartphone in the market and Qualcomm has to focus on them as well . Qualcomm has to launch the great chipset like Snapdragon 625 for the budget smartphones .  now recent leaks suggest that there will be a new chipset for budget smartphones that is Snapdragon 670 . Few months ago there were leaks surrounding the existence of Snapdragon 670 , and now it is expected it will be announced in MWC 2018 .

Leaked Specifications :

#1 : The Snapdragon 670 will be a 10nm chipset

#2 : it won’t be based on big.LITTLE architecture

#3 : The Snapdragon 670 will comprise six low-end cores and two high-end cores

#4 : The supporting GPU will be Adreno 615 that works at 430 MHz or 650 MHz

The low end cores are Qualcomm’s adapted variant of the ARM cortex -A55  “kryo 300 silver “. The performance cores  are customized version of the ARM cortex-A75, “Kryo 300 Gold”.

In terms of cache memory , the CPU cores have 32KB L1 cache . There is a 128 KB L2 cache per cluster and a 1024KB of L3 cache for the entire SoC .

The snapdragon  670’s low end efficiency cores will be  clocked at a max speed of 1.7 GHz and high -end performance cores will be clocked at max speed of 2.6 GHz .

This processor will be the best option for budget smartphones . The processor has a nice clock speed and cache memory and it also uses the Adreno 615 GPU which will lead to better gaming experience .

Snapdragon 625 uses Adreno 506 GPU which can handle even very heavy games ,so think about the 615 GPU how powerful it would be , it will be having a very very smooth gaming experience . If the leaks become true it will be used in upcoming smartphones and obviously it would be much better as compared to the Snapdragon 625 .