Vodafone 4G VoLTE Rolls out in Delhi-NCR,Mumbai,Gujarat circles

Vodafone India has launched it’s 4G Volte service and it’s now  live in  Delhi-NCR , Gujarat , Mumbai  . VOLTE stands for voice over long term evolution ,
VOLTE allows you make high definition voice calls , if you want to  know more about VOLTE go through this link. Remember one thing VOLTE doesn’t work on all 4G devices it only works on 4G enabled phones, so if you want to avail this service you have to buy a VOLTE enabled phone .

Vodafone has launched 4G VOLTE service in Delhi-NCR , Gujarat , Mumbai  , however in Gujarat it is available in only 4 cities of Ahmedabad and Surat .

Benefits of  VOLTE :
#1. superior call quality
#2. Increased battery life of device
Disadvantages :
in order to avail 4G VOLTE service you have to buy a VOLTE enabled smartphone , if you don’t have one you can’t avail this service . So it supports only limited devices.

If you want to check if your smartphone is compatible with Vodafone VOLTE just go to vodafone.in/volte , and if your mobile phone is listed there ,  and you are from any of the above mentioned cities then you will  be able to use VOLTE after activating the service.